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Psychedelic Experience

Thu, 28 May 2020 Psychedelic Experience, Lübz, Germany

Ikarus Festival

Fri, 29 May 2020 Ikarus Festival, Memmingerberg, Germany

Neon Festival

Sat, 04 Jul 2020 Life Park Arena, Istanbul, Turkey

Airbeat Obe

Wed, 08 Jul 2020 Airbeat One, Neustadt-Glewe, Germany

Noisily 2020

Thu, 09 Jul 2020 Noisily Festival, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Latest Releases

Latest music releases from Ace Ventura and collaborations with other artists

Jan 06th, 2017

Psychic Experience // Ace Ventura & Liquid Soul


Iboga Store Bandcamp

Dec 12th, 2016

Pranava // Ace Ventura & Astrix


Iboga Store Bandcamp

Apr 18th, 2016

Our Moment // Ace Ventura & LOUD


Iboga Store Bandcamp

Jan 25th, 2016

Stomping Ground // Ace Ventura


Iboga Store Bandcamp

Dec 08th, 2015

Come WIth Us // Ace Ventura & Zen Mechanics


Iboga Store Bandcamp

Nov 02nd, 2015

The Calling // Vini Vici & Ace Ventura


Iboga Store

Oct 05th, 2015

Beyond Our Atmosphere // Ace Ventura & Lifeforms


Iboga Store Bandcamp

May 18th, 2015

Paradise Engineering // Ace Ventura


Iboga Store Bandcamp

Dec 29th, 2014

Prime Time Remixes // Ace Ventura & Symbolic


Iboga Store

Dec 01st, 2014

The Light // Ace Ventura & Lish


Iboga Store Bandcamp

Jul 08th, 2014

Body & Soul // Ace Ventura & Captain Hook


Iboga Store

May 27th, 2014

Stomping Ground // Ace Ventura


Iboga Store Bandcamp


Ace Ventura is one of the leading and busiest DJs & artists on the progressive and psytrance scene. His music has been rocking the dancefloors, and he has been touring constantly all over the globe playing in every possible venue and headlining all major festivals. He is well known for his highly popular mixes, and his extra long DJ sets, and involved in four other highly successful projects: Alpha portal (with Astrix), Easy riders (with Rocky Tilbor), Liquid Ace (with Liquid soul) and Zentura (with Zen mechanics). Together with Liquid Soul he also founded Psy-Nation, a global Psytrance travelling party line, and Psy-Nation Radio, a monthly Psytrance music & culture podcast & radio show.

Behind the Ace Ventura project is Yoni Oshrat - one of Israel’s biggest talents in electronic music, with a career on top of the scene, stretching for over two decades. From an early age Yoni was heavily influenced with music. He was born in a musical family with his father being a famous Israeli composer and songwriter (for instance the Eurovision winning song “Hallelujah”), and it was therefore no surprise that he went for a career in the sound business, at first in the TV and movie industry, as a sound producer. After discovering the blooming trance-scene in the mid 90’s he started DJing and teamed up with his friend DJ Goblin to form the psychedelic trance project Children of the Doc, which later changed name to PsySex. Together they released 3 highly successful full length albums on HOMmega Productions, and played a big part in establishing Israel as one of the most important trance-countries on the globe.

After several years of intense touring, playing at some of the biggest parties and festivals worldwide, Yoni's taste moved more and more towards the slower, groovier side of music, and in 2006 he moved on to form the two solo projects Schatsi and Ace Ventura. With Schatsi he was quickly featured on labels like Hadshot and Mylo's Breastfed Recordings, and top DJs like John Digweed spinned some of his material. More attention was put into the Ace Ventura project, and using a fusion of the hard, pumping dancefloor oriented themes from PsySex sound with the deeper, groovier influences of progressive trance, the Ace Ventura project became a big success, and in a matter of just a few releases, such as the now classic debut "Cardiac Arrest", he was already considered among the top producers on the progressive trance scene. In 2007 he finally released his debut solo album on Iboga Records. "Rebirth" was without a doubt one of the biggest releases of the year. It resulted in Ace Ventura winning the Psytrance category at the Beatport Music Awards in 2008. About a year later the album was followed by a 2CD remix album "Re:Boot" with remixes by leading artists in various genres, which together with other EPs and singles, also resulted in Ace Ventura winning the Psytrance category at the Beatport Music Awards in 2009, for the second year in a row. May 2015 saw the release of the 2nd Ace Ventura studio album, ‘Paradise Engineering’ which was a huge success and resulted in a massive worldwide tour.

Ace Ventura has been playing all around the globe, at every possible venue and in the biggest festivals, among them: Boom, Ozora, Antaris, Psy-Fi, Tomorrowland, Summer Never Ends, Emmaboda, Glade & BoomTown Fair in Europe; Symbiosis Gathering, EDC Las Vegas & Dreamstate in North America; XXXPerience, Adhana, BAT & Tribe in South America; Rainbow Serpent, Earthcore & Maitreya in Australia; And Solstice in Japan. His tour schedule is intense, finding him crisscrossing the globe with 2-4 gigs every week.

Besides the Ace Ventura project Yoni is also involved in 4 other collaborative projects: Alpha Portal (together with psytrance legend Astrix); Easy Riders (together with friend and partner Rocky Tilbor); Zentura (together with dutch maestro Wouter Thomassesn aka Zen Mechanics); And last but not least, on the longtime collaboration Liquid Ace (together with Nicola Capobianco, Liquid Soul). He has also revived his Schatsi moniker lately, playing heavily bass infused dubby beats as Schatsi in Dub. Besides producing tracks for various labels, Yoni compiled a few successful compilations, namely the 'New order' series for HOMmega, which was the first progressive release of the label, as well as 'Digital Beings' for Echoes Records, the double CD 'Dance Computer' for Iboga Records, and the pumping ‘Psychedelic Awakening’ for Future Music Records.

In 2018 Ace Ventura & Liquid Soul formed ‘Psy-Nation’ a new travelling global Psytrance Party line which will see its debut in 2019. ‘Psy-Nation’ also features ‘Psy-Nation Radio’ a monthly podcast that celebrated its first birthday in Dec. 2018 and quickly turned into the leading podcast dedicated to Psytrance culture & music. The first Psy-Nation compilation was just released via Iboga Records.










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